Martac S.r.l.
Via R. Bendandi, 10
47122 Forlì (FC) - Italy
tel. +39.0543.724113
fax +39.0543.774037
P.IVA 03308920408

We can support you in every stage of the creation process of your products. We start from an idea, which can be a simple sketch, to create the first prototype, generally handmade, to assess in practice its compliance with the desired aesthetic characteristics.

After that, we help you in starting the production of the model, carefully assessing together materials, subsequent manufactures and the production volumes foreseen. We try to identify possible problems from the starting stages, looking for the most suitable solutions even before producing the model.

We produce samples and limited collections for fashion shows, always trying to satisfy your needs, even when this means very quick deliveries. We provide you with our products respecting the schedule and in the markets that you prefer, always guaranteing the highest quality.

We support you during the assembly, to ensure you our help and experience in solving any possible emerging problem. We collaborate with Universities and Research Centres to be constantly updated on new materials and their possible applications. After all, all our efforts and our commitment serve the purpose of guarantee the success of your initiatives.